The Curmudgeon’s New Favorite College

Three cheers are in order for Spelman College, the historically black women’s college in Atlanta.

Last year the school’s leaders decided to drop all intercollegiate sports.  That’s right:  no tennis team, no lacrosse team, no soccer team, no nothing.  Instead, Spelman will stop spending nearly a million dollars a year on intercollegiate sports that served about eighty young women and instead spend just a portion of that money on new physical fitness and activity programs for all of the college’s 2100 students.

At first people on campus were shocked by the announcement, but now they seem to like the idea.

Count The Curmudgeon among the enthusiasts.  In this space in the past he questioned why intercollegiate sports even exist, and now, it looks like at least one college asked the same question and reached the same conclusion:  they shouldn’t.

Hurrah Spelman!


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