Low Expectations Fulfilled

The Curmudgeon should have known better.

He’s written about this before: the disappointment you’re bound to experience when you go to the bottom of a newspaper article that you read online and sample reader comments. Talk about lowest common denominators: even more than talk radio, there’s no lower common denominator than people who comment on newspaper articles.

(Although some may argue the same about people who write about those commenters, but we’ll have none of that here, thank you.)

Generally speaking, The Curmudgeon has been pretty good – okay, doing a little better – at resisting the impulse to check out reader comments, but when he saw a Philadelphia Inquirer article titled “Locally and nationally, women still struggle for political representation,” he knew he would not be able to resist the temptation.

And he knew that if he looked what he found would sicken him.

And the people who comment on Philadelphia Inquirer articles certainly didn’t disappoint him.

The gist of the article: political parties today still resist women’s efforts to get involved and pursue elected office, women remain seriously under-represented in local and national elected offices, and women aren’t taken seriously or treated well by many of their male peers when they do manage to get elected.

Many Inquirer readers, needless to say, were… unsympathetic. Here are some of The Curmudgeon’s favorite comments. (Note: The Curmudgeon hasn’t altered these comments at all: any ignorance you see in spelling, punctuation, grammar, or usage – starting with the very first word in the very first comment –is purely the product of the brilliant authors of these enlightened observations.)

  • NONSENCE .. we see the woman in the room…. were just waiting for them to bring us our coffee
  • Look at the victim, everyone!
  • Funny- women control sex and reproduction and they say that they do not have  power! Seems like many are power hungry! Some obviously unintelligent femists want to exchange inherent female power for a lessor form that men have traditionally possessed in the form of work, that is, high level work positions.
  • This is not a country ruled by mathematical percentages! This is another ‘woe is me!’ story, are we supposed to beleieve that every woman is now a victim?? I think not.
  • What a bunch of pansy waist cry babies. I am so sick of the micro aggression society we have to tip toe around. Nobody can keep up, nobody knows the score. Waaaa, booo hoooo. I’m in the room but nobody knows I’m there? Maybe if you had something of particular importance to speak about somebody would listen? Don’t worry, an angry old rich white female 1%-er will break that glass ceiling for you. Just hold on a little longer girl power is back in vogue !!!!!
  • Of course you’re invisible to them…if they make eye contact you’ll start haranguing them about how sexist the world is. Who needs the aggravation ?
  • Yup. The so-called “War on Women” is really just a thinly veiled war on men created by the fear-mongering left.
  • Welcome to “Victim Of The Day”, the long running Inky feature on the real heroes in our society.
  • Wage studies show that women without children earn virtually the same as their male counterparts (the difference in pay is within the margin for error of the studies). The same studies also show that men who are single parents earn less than men who are not the primary “babysitters” in the family. I’ve been working 30+ yrs and have yet to attend a secret “men only” meeting at work nor have I ever been given anything extra because of my gender. Have you?? The “wage gap” was long ago proved to be a myth.
  • My butt! Women are In MANY high profile positions based on their combination of qualifications & gender Ginsberg, Clinton, Fiorina, Pelosi, Boxer, Nikki Haley from SC, Melissa Meyer from Yahoo, Mary Barra at GM. Don’t tell me any of those women are treated as if they are invisible. I’m sick of hearing about how everyone is so aggrieved.  
  • Oh wait, I know! Women should be automatically appointed to seats in government, rather than deal with that whole election thing and those nasty, sexist male voters. Hillary can be the first example of this new policy. 
  • Want to be treated as an adult? Act like one, not a sniveling little kid whining that they were not picked first in the dodge-ball game.
  • The women in Narberth need to stick with raising money for the library and the playground and stay out of politics. (As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be….)
  • So how come the female money bags like Oprah, the Walmart daughters, movie, music and TV stars, etc. don’t use their money to help women run and get elected to office. Yet they all whine about under representation of women. The biggest obstacle to the success of women is women themselves.
  • The purpose of the article is to promote the Feminist agenda that in all situations, women are always the victim of something and nothing is ever the fault of women. It is always men and the patriarchy that is to blame according to the Feminists.
  • Would you fetch me a cup of coffee?
  • In Inky and liberal world, everyone except white men are victims and perpetually discriminated against, even though we have had a black president for 8 years and his chief competitor was a woman.
    The very same people whining about this make believe problem will be among the first here to embrace Sharia Law once the Muslim population becomes the majority. “a resident told her to dress more appropriately”.. Oh for the love of God. REALLY? THAT got your panties in a wad?
  • Oh Boo Hoo Hoo! More Female writers wasting print space whining about the problems women face in life. Do you ever see any equivilant articles written by men about the problems they face in life? I never see any 3 foot long stories in the media like this one by men about their problems. YES men do have problems too! But men don’t whine about them in print like women do. The difference is women have a victim mentality. They are hung up on looking to prove they are the victim of something all the time, because Feminist groups drum it into their heads that they are always the victim. If women were represented 50% in everything and had 50% of everything they would still whine that they are being treated unfairly and not getting their fair share. Whine, Whine, Whine. Men have to put up with unfairness in the world too, but they deal with it and move on, they don’t endlessly whine about it like women do.
  •  The answer is clear; end all elections and appoint our representatives based on ‘progressive’ Democrat approved demographics.
  • I think these women acting like crybabies.
  •  You’re a victim. Here’s a cookie.




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