Instructions That Need to be Seen to be Believed

As he mentioned yesterday, The Curmudgeon purchased one of those plastic sheets that you put over the face of your cell phone to protect the screen. He was skeptical: he’d had a few screens on his iPod and had yet to apply one successfully without leaving at least one bubble. Still, he decided to try it again, ordered a product called the Screen Mobile that was custom-shaped for his Moto X, and when it arrived, open the package to see its description. The following is what it said.

Perfect touch layer technology, even if the skin tactility coating existing objects and grease, also sweat state, no operate and can feel relaxed smooth comfort control fun.

 AI-FIT intelligent control technology, accuracy reached 0.3mm, more consistent parts of screen, make posted details screen after be aware of not easily, and to prevent its existence hide dust dirt.

 Anti-scratch coating, UV filter layer, electrostatic adhesion layer have adopted the definition of transparent materials, composed of high-definition 3-layer structure, to maximize reduction of the color of your screen.

Because the hydrophilic properties, low water contact angle Small, fingerprint easily flattened, greatly reducing the degree sof scattering caused by fingerprints, Not see the visual fingerprint.

The Screen mobile, which one you don’t want to use it at present, will be kept fresh by adpo fresh-keeping technology without dust, fingerprint and contamination with KP Film’s high viscosity adpo, fresh-keeping technology will extend the useful life of the Screenmobile keeping it as pristine as the day you took it out of the box.

The Curmudgeon couldn’t make this up if he tried. (Okay, he probably could, but still…)



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