A Great Headline

The Curmudgeon promised himself he wasn’t going to write about the Philadelphia 76ers this year. To refresh your memory very briefly, the professional basketball is in the midst of a multi-year campaign to field the worst team it possibly can so it can accumulate draft choices that will give it the opportunity to acquire the most talented players coming out of college. The plan isn’t going well: the team’s intentional losing continues unabated because its leaders have done such a poor job of identifying that talent. The problem has gotten so bad (The Curmudgeon wrote about it here, here, here, here, and here) that the National Basketball Association intervened and imposed a new executive on the team who immediately took steps to acquire more talent. The first player he obtained: a player who had been with the team last year and proved useful, so the team chose not to retain him because the player might actually have helped it win too many games.

But this isn’t another screed about a vile plan that undermines the integrity of an entire professional sport, so The Curmudgeon’s telling himself (or is it deceiving himself?) that he hasn’t broken his promise.

No, it’s about one news outlet – Comcast Sportnet Philadelphia – and how it reacted when the team, with just one win and 29 losses – let’s repeat that: one win and 29 losses – lost again by the score of 104 to 90 to the team from Memphis to lower its record to one win and 30 losses.

The headline of the story (a story, by the way, that didn’t actually reveal the score, which tells you all you need to know about the quality of journalism at Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia) was priceless:

Sixers trounced by slightly less than usual by Grizzlies

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