A Warped Perspective on an Improving Economy

As the economy continues to improve and companies start hiring in earnest again, many people who felt stuck in their jobs and afraid to venture elsewhere during uncertain times are starting to find their skills in demand elsewhere. For the first time since the economic downturn of 2008, they have options.

The New York Times wrote about this recently, reporting on how corporate human resources executives are concerned about the potential impact of employee turnover on their operations.

As a public service, The Curmudgeon would like to offer those human resources executives a solution to their problem:


And shame on the New York Times for titling this article “One Downside of an Up Economy: Employee Turnover.”

Downside? For whom? For people who work hard, have felt trapped in their jobs, and welcome the opportunity to find new or different work, fresh challenges, or, heaven forbid, a little more money?

grinchThat’s no downside. In fact, it’s a huge upside – and no one should let those grinch HR people and the New York Times tell them otherwise. And the Times should be ashamed of letting its business reporters serve as mouthpieces for corporate interests without reflecting on how this turn of events is great news for a lot of people who haven’t had a lot of great news in recent years.

Downside? Not even a little.



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