It Takes Real Balls

William DeWeese spent 36 years as a member of Pennsylvania’s state House of Representatives, including two years as House Speaker. More than a decade after he was ousted as speaker but while he was still in the House, DeWeese was convicted of five felony counts – theft, conflict of interest, and conspiracy – for using members of his state-paid staff to work on his political campaign. (He was re-elected after the charges were filed but before he was convicted, which tell you everything you need to know about the residents of Greene, Fayette, and Washington counties whom he represented.)

DeWeese proclaimed his innocence all the way to the hoosegow, where he served a two-year term.

And now DeWeese is out of jail.

And a boy needs to earn a living, right?

So what’s he doing?

He’s a lobbyist. A group called Clear Coalition, which describes itself as “… an unprecedented coalition of labor organizations representing over 1.1 million hard working Pennsylvania citizens working together to ensure that lawmakers provide adequate support for critical state services,” actually hired this disgrace of a human being, who horribly betrayed the public trust, to represent it before the very state government he betrayed.

It’s disgusting.

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