Gun Week, Part 3: Getting an Assault Rifle is as Easy as 1-2-3-4-5-6-7

(During our time together The Curmudgeon has written occasionally, but not too often, about guns and the havoc they are wreaking on our society. In light of last weekend’s events in Orlando he is devoting this week to the issue of guns. A few of the pieces are new and others are from the past – in one case, only two weeks ago.)

 *       *       *

That’s “seven” as in “seven minutes.”

The day after the mass murder in Orlando, a Philadelphia Daily News columnist set out to buy an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle – the mini-weapon of mass destruction that killed 50 people near Disney World.

ubinasShe went into a gun store, pointed out the gun she wanted (it was in the window and on display as the “gun of the week” – you’d think the shop owner might’ve changed his mind about that), filled out a form, handed over her money, and walked out of the store with an approved license and a weapon that could easily mow down your neighborhood or your office or your family and friends’ fourth of July barbecue in a matter of seconds.

And she did it all in seven minutes.

Seven minutes.

Read her account here – and worry that for every one of us who is appalled by this, there’s someone else thinking “Hey, now that I know it’s that easy, I should get me one a them thar things, too.”


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