Going to the Dentist (Part 2 of 2)

One of the rituals of going to the dentist is that at the end of the visit they give you a toothbrush.   When you were a kid that was pretty exciting, but now, well, not so much. The Curmudgeon has never gone to a dentist who doesn’t do that, and it’s always left him wondering: why do so many drug stores have so many toothbrushes for sale when people are all getting them from their dentists?

Which leads to two possible answers: first, maybe there are dentists who don’t give their patients toothbrushes; and second, maybe there are more people out there than The Curmudgeon imagines who just don’t go to dentists. Yuck.

That toothbrush, by the way, will never enter his mouth. He has a power tooth brush that Ella, the hygienist he mentioned yesterday, strongly endorses, singing the praises of what it has done for The Curmudgeon’s mouth. Instead of brushing with the new toothbrush The Curmudgeon will use it to clean grout lines and sliding door tracks and windowsill corners and things like that.

When The Curmudgeon went to drop his new toothbrush into the drawer with the others that have not yet drawn their house-cleaning assignment he took a quick look at the toothbrush and noticed that…

…it has racing stripes.

toothbrushRacing stripes!

Where is it going?

Is speed required?

Why on earth would a toothbrush need racing stripes?


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