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A Side Note on the Comey Firing

As you might imagine, The Curmudgeon is pretty appalled by the firing of FBI director James Comey:  great idea but unacceptable in both its timing and the daily and ever-changing rationale.

All that aside, he was even more appalled when Sean Spicer understudy Sarah Huckabee Sanders explained that the president fired Comey for, among other reasons, committing “…basic atrocities.”




Reasonable people may disagree about what the president did and why and how he did it and whether Comey did or didn’t deserve to be fired now, in the past, or in the future, but explaining that he was fired for committing “… basic atrocities” is beyond the pale.  Until and unless Sarah Huckabee Sanders can point to the piles of human bodies lying dead in a ditch somewhere, she really needs to apologize for her grotesque characterization of someone even his opponents describe as a decent man and dial down the inflammatory and inappropriate rhetoric.