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Overreach by the Special Counsel?

Last week we learned that former Trump consigliere Paul Manafort has sued special counsel Robert Mueller for going beyond the boundaries of the responsibilities he was assigned to investigate possible Russian interference in the 2016 president election and possible Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. Also receiving Manafort’s dead fish in the mail was deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein, whom Manafort accuses of failing to keep Mueller on his leash.

The core of Manafort’s legal claim: sure, I may be guilty as hell, but they’ve got no business looking into that stuff because their job is to investigate the Russia business and my many, many crimes have absolutely nothing to do with that.

Let us think back for a moment about the concept of prosecutorial overreach. Hmm: have we ever seen anything like this before?

Oh yeah: how about when Kenneth Starr’s investigation of President Clinton’s Whitewater real estate dealings took an ever-so-slight detour into the then-president’s sexual antics with a barely post-teenaged White House intern?

And while that was going on weren’t Manafort’s Republican pals sitting on the sidelines and cheering enthusiastically, muttering nary a word about prosecutorial overreach?